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Welcome.. My name is Sharona as a Clairvoyant Medium with over forty years of spiritual knowledge I work with my Spirit Guides and realms of Angels to communicate heavenly, spiritual guided messages to the physical world.

Since I was 2 years old through precognitive dreams, visions I have seen and connected to spirit and angels and have had some extraordinary experiences throughout my childhood to present day.

I have always seen spirit and always felt different but knowing it comes with love I have never been afraid and was always thought everyone could see what I did. Growing up was a lonely journey as my family did not understand my abilities so I self-taught myself to work with spirit.

I believe we are all born psychic but I chose to walk with the spirit world every day and use my abilities to help people in all walks of life to guide, change direction in life when we are lost or uncertain, we all need clarity and understanding our path. Through my work, I have been privileged to connect with high profile, public eye, media, authorities and clients all over the world.
This path has to lead me to become a Light Worker, Clairvoyant, Psychic Detective, Ordained and Natural Healer as well as other spiritual gifts.

I feel blessed to use my ability to communicate with loved ones and those on the other side. I love my work and delighted to share my experiences and give answers about the spirit world.

A medium is to offer evidence on seeing, hearing spirit so working with integrity I give honest, uplifting readings with love, comfort and blessings from Spirit.

May I thank those that continue to have readings with me and I welcome to connect with you all.

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Spiritual Classes, Workshops, Empowerment Groups

Sharona aims to bring people together with the knowledge she has to each field empowering those in their spiritual journey through development and events.

Contact Sharona for 1-1, Groups, Parties, Divine Services, Corporate Events onĀ 07549347507 or [email protected].