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“I came to see Sharona a number of times and sadly my mum passed unexpectedly I wanted contact straight away but Sharona, who was caring sympathetic she helped me with the formalities and came with me to say bye to my mum and was given a reading to comfort me, it was at this time I came away very disillusioned and felt that the information given was wrong. I went away for three years and connected Sharona who welcomed me with an amazing reading from my mum, she showed compassion and love to the spirit world and I received what I needed. I explained to her that the information she gave prior years was 100% correct and I am now in the position she saw me be in and apologised as she is a very special person. I felt humbled she came to me as I was not kind to her but her abilities and honest words and approach is highly recommended for anyone who needs messages from loved ones. You are a true angel”

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